Saint James The Greater

Church of God

Pastoral Services: *

Regular Whole Bible Hebraic Christian services and certain Jewish and 

Zen Buddhist observance are celebrated and can be arranged and scheduled.


     The Gathering with the Lord's Table

     Baptism Services

     Wedding Services *

     House/Home Blessings

     Blessing of the Sick

     Blessing of a Deceased

     Funeral Services

     Bereavement Support

     Pastoral Care Counseling

     Prayer Requests (Click Here)

Ministries and Other Services:

     Prison Ministry

     Institute for Biblical Studies

     Mindful Meditation Practice

     Veterans Outreach Ministry

     Vocation Preparation / Ordination

     Order of the Knights of Saint James

     Spiritual Healing and Recovery Ministry

     Please visit the Ceiba Counseling Center for licensed counselor services.

Please Note:

*  Virtual service in English: Sundays at 11:00 am, in our in home chapel (coming soon).

*  Virtual service in Spanish: Sunday at 2:00 pm, in our in home chapel (coming soon).

*  Services available on Zoom and YouTube will be published so that everyone has the 

   opportunity to view and participate in the service from home and anywhere worldwide 

   (coming soon).

*  Weddings performed are arranged and scheduled according to your wishes and at the 

    location of your choice. Traditional weddings of Christian ceremonies are performed, 

    as well as non-denominational, custom interfaith union and civil ceremonies.

For Prayer Request Click Here